Classical Foundation

For many, the visual arts are key in the development of confidence and balance. It opens doors, empowering cognition and individuality, by embracing both the intuitive and rational. The spontaneous creativity we experienced in childhood, guided by curiosity and discovery, is kept alive through art making. The ability to express oneself in the moment transcends emotion and touches magic. Knowledge expands freedom. Any subject is interesting – it’s how it’s approached that matters. Deconstruct masterworks, while taking inspiration from them. Sketching trains the eye and mind to work in unison with the hand. Learn to perceive as you look. Still lives are a direct path to mastering fundamentals of composition and contrast. Discover how playfully inspiring it is to work in black and white. Acquire the craft that comes with an understanding of mediums and materials. Contemplate all of your options – think artistically.

Creative Freedom

child painting image

In my classes, I utilize two organizational techniques: I believe that subjects such as still life, portraiture, figure sketching, and perspective work best in groups, but I also encourage students to pursue individual projects of their own choosing – along the way, I present options to enrich initiatives. Strategizing and decision-making are intrinsic aspects of the creative process. By refining skills of observation, and learning how to convey ideas improvisationally, budding artists develop a unique sense of expression. Many of my students have won regional and statewide art competitions, and several have pursued professional visual arts careers.